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Testing & Calibration

TRI Industrial Services Ltd provides both on and off site testing of all types of Lifting & Handling Equipment, from equipment that requires re-test due to modification or simply a lost test certificate.

We have our own Vertical 100t test bed, which can be used for testing various types of equipment.

TRI also has a smaller 5t vertical test bed, which is used for smaller items and multiple repeat tests.

Items such as Loadcells & Crane Weighers require annual calibration, which TRI can facilitate using our own calibrated equipment.

TRI can also conduct tests at the clients’ premises, if required. Such tests would include:


Proof Load Testing of Overhead Cranes

Proof Load Testing of Runway Beams;

Proof Load Testing of Lift Shaft Beams

Proof Load Testing of Slewing Jib Cranes;

Proof Load Testing of Davit Arms and Davit Bases

Proof Load Testing of Lifting, SPreader Beams and Lifting Frames

Proof Load testing of Fork Lift Attachments etc.

Proof Load Testing of Hydraulic Cyiinders & jacks