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We pride ourselves on our problem solving abilities and are always happy to offer help and advice.

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Hire Services


From time to time jobs occur which require either specialist equipment or a ‘one off’ purchase that is neither practical nor cost effective.

TRI Industrial Services Ltd are not  a traditional hire company; however we can, and do, source a range of specialist equipment which we then hire out. This allows us to offer an almost limitless range of products to meet specific needs.

Hire periods may be for a couple of days, a week or for several months, TRI will give valued advice and high levels of service.

Some of these products include:

  • Fall Arrest Blocks c/w rescue winch;
  • Air Hoists;
  • Electric Chain Hoists;
  • Tirfor Machines;
  • Machine Skates;
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, Jacks & Pumps;
  • Loadcells ;
  • Spreader Beams;
  • Monkey Tower.

We aim to work with a client to assist our clients to the best solution to their problems.