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We pride ourselves on our problem solving abilities and are always happy to offer help and advice.

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TRI Industrial Services Ltd offers a Site Survey Service, visiting the problem area and providing a report offering recommendations which will solve any specific problems.  For straightforward installations we can assess your work environment and provide the best solution from our best-in-market product ranges or from our bespoke service.

Where you have a unique situation requiring a full report of options for your safety and logisitcs needs, we can provide a consultancy service where we will work with you to produce a full report of your working environment, producing a fully costed Options Appraisal and Risk Analysis.  This approach can provide a clear development path for the business and has a strong return on investment, clearly assessing the costs and benefits of each option, preventing abortive investment in 'trial and error' solutions.

In addition, as part of our after service and business services team, we also offer a Procedure Writing Service, developing bespoke operational procedures for safe completion of specific tasks in particular environments or situations.

Our proposals will include planning for installation to reduce the impact on the functioning business and training for staff in the new systems.