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When working within a confined space area it is a requirement to provide a safe system of work inclusive of access and egress to and from the work area.

Traditionally people have always used tripods combined with rescue winches and / or fall arrest blocks when looking to plan a rescue system within a confined space. But a tripod has limited reach over the open space, to complement the tripods a range of davit arms have been developed to be fixed either temporarily or permanently that allow the arm to reach out over the hole rather than span the open space.

These davit arms are also available with a counterweight system so that the davit does not need to be fixed to the floor. Side Entry Davits into vessels are also available to make the entry from the side rather than top easy as well as many various bases for attaching davit arms to including one that span’s large opening, a 5 piece modular design, to attach on using the vehicle hitch of your van / car or into manhole covers. 

For very large openings then possibly a gantry type design might be more suitable to meet specific applications, some of these are bespoke manufactured or standard products which can also be used for lifting as well.

To compliment these systems then you will normally require additional products such as rescue winches, fall arrest blocks or work positioning blocks to raise and lower personnel within the confined space. The final piece would be safety harness which could be a rescue harness or possibly a work positioning harness dependent upon the type of confined space that you are entering.

Some of the manufacturers / brands that TRI work with to offer a complete confined space system are; Sala, Ridgegear, Tractel, Rollgliss, Tuff Built, Ikar, Yale, Ferno and Protecta.

If you have any queries regarding confined space equipment then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.