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Man Riding Rescue Davit Arms

Man Riding Rescue Davit Arms are commonly used as an alternative to Rescue Tripods, and for two main reasons; the first that a tripod cannot span the size of the opening to the confined space, therefore a specific type of rescue davit arm is required. The second reason is that you might have large area and need to entry from several points of the space and require having several davit bases and one davit arm moved from location to location.

Davit Arms can today take many different forms today, not just a permanently installed structure, it allows area’s to be accessed that previously were not easily able to be included within a safe system of work.

Some of these include 5 or 6 piece davit arms to allow the base to span large openings, counterweight davit arms that allow access to a confined space but without having to have a base installed into the floor; tank pods allow entry into the top of vessels, specifically in breweries or distilleries. Also, side entry davit arms are now available to allow access and egress from difficult or unique vessels or confined spaces.

To complement the davit arms, temporary bases are available as well to allow unique situations to be accessed without having to install a permanent base.

TRI work with various manufacturers within this sector of rescue davit arms including; Sala Advanced Products Davit Systems, Tuff Built Davit Systems and TRI’s own design bespoke rescue davit arm. If you have any queries regarding davit arms then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.