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Man Riding or Rescue Tripods

Tripods also known as Man Riding or Rescue Tripods are commonly used within the construction and maintenance sectors as they provide an easily transportable confined space rescue system.

Recovery Tripods are commonly set up as an entry / exit system to a confined space, allowing workers to be lowered into or if necessary rescued from within a confined space. Rescue Tripods are commonly used in conjunction with fall arrest blocks with rescue winch or man riding winches.

TRI work with a number of suppliers / brands to offer the correct Tripod, including; Sala Tripods, Protecta Rescue Tripods, Ridgegear Confined Space Tripods, Ikar Tripods, ISC Tripods and Tuff Built Rescue Tripods.

If you have any queries regarding Confined Space Rescue Tripods then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team to discuss in more detail.