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Fabrication or Engineered Lifting Systems

TRI Industrial Services offers a comprehensive range of lifting and safety equipment fabricated services including design, manufacture, repair and installation.

There are many different types of fabricated lifting and safety equipment within our range, but some of the more popular products / services that we offer are;

The design and manufacture of lifting beams, spreader beams, modular beams, container lifting frames and lifting frames to suit all types of applications from 500kg to 2000 tonnes at lengths and with eyes in locations to suit your specific applications.

A popular solution to lifting solutions within the work place is the use of a mobile lifting gantry also called A Frame Gantry, Portable Gantry, manufactured in both steel and aluminium.

Similarly the use of floor or wall mounted jib cranes is common within factories or fabrication shops. These are called many names and used in different scenarios including; Floor Mount Jib Crane, Wall Mount Jib Crane, Slewing Jib Crane, Pillar Jib Crane and Derrick Crane used on Docks.

If a fixed solution is required then possibly a runway beam of small / light overhead crane system might be solution for your work place or if you require a system to continue around a work shop or production line then a monorail hoist rail system that allows you to switch direction might be the correct installation.

For some of our clients they require multiple lifts around one site so they use a lifting davit arm with multiple fixed bases located where required around the site, the davit arm can be then be removed and taken to a different site to undertake the work there, ideal for water treatment plants.

When lifting unusual shaped objects it is not always possible to use webbing or chain slings safely, the solution can sometimes be a standard or a bespoke designed grab. These can take many forms; a common design is a scissor grab particularly popular when lifting bricks.

In some work places the use of fork lifts travelling on the shop floor can cause incidents but with the use of a set of crane forks also known as brick forks travelling on an overhead crane or electric hoist can replace the fork lift to travel pallets the length of the work area.

To compliment these fabricated lifting systems, TRI Industrial Services also offer various products such as chain slings, wire rope slings, web slings & shackles for lifting beams and lifting frames. For Davit Arms; winches and chain blocks to suit individual requirements. For Mobile Gantries, Jib Cranes & Light Crane Systems, TRI offer a range of Manual Chain Hoists, Electric & Air Hoists and Wire Rope Hoists.

If you wish to discuss your enquiry regarding a bespoke or fabricated lifting product then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.