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Tri Industrial Services
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Fork Lift Attachments are one of the most common types of lifting and handling equipment used throughout all industries. Fork Lift Attachments come in many forms and for many different applications. 

TRI Industrial Services manufacture and work with manufacturers a range of standard and bespoke fork lift attachments to meet standard and special applications within any type of work environment.

One of the most common are Man Riding Cages that are mounted to fork lift trucks to access areas within the work area that it would not be possible with traditional access equipment.  

Turning your forklift into a hoisting device is a common requirement and to use Yokes, Hooks, Jibs and Booms is often the solution. These can take many designs from Extendable Booms to Jibs that mount to the carriage of your truck.

We also manufacture Lifting Beams that can be mounted to your fork lift truck, as well as tine extensions and drum handling attachments and fork mounted drum grabs.

TRI also offer tipping skips and fork mounted and carriage mounted scoops as well as wheelie bin handling devices.

If you have any enquiry regarding a fork lift attachment then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.