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Yale RPA Pneumatic Wire Rope Winch


Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch

Capacities - 250 & 500kg

The conception is in accordance with the design of the model RPE.

With 100% duty rating and an unlimited number of starts, the model RPA is suitable for heavy duty applications. It is insusceptible to contamination, humidty and aggressive mediums from the outside.


Robust rotating piston motor with high starting torque, designed for operating pressures 4 to 6 bar

Spring pressure disc brake inccorporated in the motor holds the load secure even in the event of an air failure

Sensitive control by means of direct activing valves in the control switch


Dirrefent drum designs, e.g. extended to accomodate longer rope, machined grooves for exact reeling, with separation web and 2nd rope outlet for working with two ropes

Control including 2.5m hose and air coupler

Maintenance unit for main air supply pipe (pressure regulator, manometer, lubricator and support).

TRI - Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch SPecifications 1

TRI - Yale RPA Pneumatic Winch Specifications 2

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