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Tool Balancers & Load Arrestors

To complement your hoisting / lifting / handling systems; Tool Balancers and Load Arrestors allow you to work safely within the work place.

Tool Balancers also known as Spring Balancers are ideal to be used at work stations to allow tools to be held at ergonomic heights suitable to application and individual person. Tool Balancers are available from 0.5kg to 300kg and in various lengths to suit applications.

Load Arrestors are the version of Fall Arrest Blocks that are built into Lifting Systems to prevent a load from falling to the floor in the event of the hoist / rigging system fails. The Load Arrestor is fitted within the system, traditionally below the hoist and the load.

TRI work with various manufacturers / brands to within this area including; Sala Load Arrestors, Protecta Load Arrestors, Tractel Blocfor Load Arrestors, Globestock Load Arrestors, Tecna Tool / Spring Balancers, Yale Tool / Spring Balancers and Kratos Load Arrestors.

If you have any queries regarding Tool / Spring Balancers or Load Arrestors, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.