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Pulleys, Sheaves, Lead Blocks, Snatch Blocks & Crane Hooks

To complement our Winching and Hoisting product ranges, TRI Industrial Services also offer an extensive range of standard and bespoke manufactured pulleys, sheaves, snatch blocks and crane hooks.

The most standard of these products within this range are snatch blocks, these can be single sheave or multi sheave snatch blocks, normally two or three sheaves and can be used with both fibre and wire rope incorporating within a rigging or pulling system.

Sheaves or Pulleys are normally fixed into a system or alternatively can be supplied pre-mounted as Lead Blocks and are commonly used when wishing to change direction of a rope multiple times.

From time to time you need to change your crane hook for either a mobile crane or overhead crane. TRI offer standard crane hooks to meet all manufacturers’ cranes to any design, but also bespoke hooks to suit specific applications, for example ramshorn crane hooks.

TRI work with various manufacturers to offer you the correct product, including; Gunnebo Johnson Pulleys & Crane Hooks, Tractel Sheaves & Pulleys, Pfaff Sheaves & Pulleys and Haacon Lead Blocks, Sheaves & Pulleys.

If you wish to discuss further your requirement regarding Sheaves, Pulleys or Crane Hooks then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.