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Material Handling and Machine Moving

Material Handling is an important part of the everyday work place. If the correct material handling measures are not put into place then `RSI’ injuries or worse can be incurred.

Some of the initial products that most people use but do not classify as lifting equipment are Pallet Trucks. TRI offer a large range of pallet trucks also called pallet jacks including those with long forks, short forks, wide forks, high lift pallet trucks, manufactured from stainless steel and galvanized, pallet trucks with built in weighing devices and pallet trucks with narrow forks or also called printers trucks.

Other mobile devices are Mobile Stackers also called Manual Fork Lift Trucks designed for lifting loads to higher levels. Mobile Scissor Tables or Scissor Trolleys are a popular tool for moving loads around work areas but also to be used for just positioning so that equipment is at the right level for handling or access.

For fixed locations for example transporting between floor levels or materials to a specific point for loading a machine then Hydraulic Scissor Tables or Scissor lifts are an ideal tool, they can be designed to meet your requirements from specific heights to higher safe working loads.

To compliment these products sometimes you have to move machinery around the factory and this requires specialist equipment such as Machine Moving Skates. Perfect if you jack your machine so that you slide machine skates under the machine then you can lower and take the machine to its desired location. Machine Skates come in two main forms, Nylon Skates and Caterpillar Skates also called Steel Skates, if you are skating over longer lengths on a regular basis then Air Skates might be a solution.

If you have any queries regarding any of these products within the Material Handling sector then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.