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Load Measurement & Weighing Equipment

Knowing the weight of a product before lifting you would think is a given but is not always the case. To aid the use of calibrated weighing devices such as load cells and crane weighers / crane scales within your lifting system.

Whether to use for one off lifts so that it is known weight or to incorporate as permanent inclusion within your lifting system it will aid you to make your lifting arrangements safer.

TRI also offer a range of compressive weighing devices to assisting in allowing you to have a known weight of a product, possibly before dispatch? Also, we have a system that you can fix onto your crane or winch rope so that it can be a permanent part of your system.

Some other weighing devices are pallet trucks and scissor tables with built in weighing devices so that for example pallet can be easily weighed.

TRI work with some of the market leading manufacturers / brands to provide leading products within this sector including; Tractel Dynafor Load Cells & Crane Scales, Dynasafe in-line weighing and Straightpoint load measurement equipment.

If you have an enquiry regarding to weighing & Load measurement devices then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.