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When transferring plate or steel within fabrication shops, permanent lifting magnets provide an ideal foil to traditional lifting clamps.

Lifting Magnets are available in various forms. The standard unit that most people will be used to seeing is the Permanent Lifting Magnet, or manual version whereby the magnet is switched on and off by using a handle.

To complement the permanent lifting magnets, TRI  offers a range of Powered Magnets, in either Electric (electro) or Air power, that will allow the lifting of larger loads or bigger pieces of plate where the ability to switch the magnet on / off may be compromised.

The Powered Magnet is usually the choice of magnet when attached to a lifting / spreader beam to form a magnet lifting beam.

TRI also offers specialist magnets for specific tasks. The most common of these are scrap magnets, traditionally used within foundries and steelworks.

TRI work with market leading manufacturers / brands to offer an extensive range of magnets to meet your requirements, these include; Walker Magnets, Eclipse Magnets, Ultralift Magnets, Lift Hold & Separate, Yale Permanent Magnets and Baxx Lifting Magnets.

If you have any queries regarding  lifting magnets then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.