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Atex or Explosion Proof Equipment


When working in an Atex zone, then it is vital that you use Atex certified equipment also known as Explosion Proof, Spark Proof or Spark Resistant equipment, if you don’t the correct equipment in these areas then the consequences can be fatal. 

TRI Industrial Services offer as standard Atex certified or approved equipment in 4 main groups including; hoists, winches, cranes, height safety and fork lift attachments. Not all standard equipment has Atex approved versions but within the generic range there can be found with the manufacturers that we work with to offer a complete range.

Within the Hoisting Atex range, TRI have a large selection including chain blocks also known as block and tackles, ratchet lever hoists, beam trolleys, low headroom trolley hoists, electric chain hoists or electric chain blocks, air chain hoists, hydraulic chain hoists and wire rope hoists.

Winches are also vital to be certified to Atex for certain locations and compliment the hoists. These again are a selected range only including; hand winches, electric winches, air winches and hydraulic winches. Tirfor machines are available for mining use, i.e. spark proof though not Atex certified.

Although not a large range some of our Fork Lift Attachments can be certified to Atex standards, in theory a majority of the systems can be certified.

A new area to this section is Atex certified Height Safety and Confined Space equipment. Working with Sala and Protecta some of their large range have been classified to Atex standards. Some of the products that have been approved are Safety Harness, Lanyards, SRL’s or Fall Arrest Blocks, Davit Arms, Winches, Temporary Lifelines, Anchor Strops and Vertical Lifelines.

Working with a group of manufacturers, TRI can offer a large range of Atex certified products to meet most applications and situations, some of these include; Sala Height Safety Equipment, Protecta Height Safety Equipment, Yale Hoists & Winches, Contact Fork Lift Attachments, GIS  Electric Chain Hoists, Verlinde Hoists, Hadef Hoists & Winches, JDN Air & Hydraulic Hoists,  and Pfaff Winches & Jacks.

If you have any enquires regarding Atex , Spark Proof or Explosion Proof lifting, handling and safety equipment then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.