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Without realising you will be amazed how many drums you have around work place. Moving drums isn’t as simple as it seems, with their awkward shape and size normal lifting and rigging systems will not always work. 

There are two main types, for use with overhead cranes or hoists and those used in conjunction with fork lift trucks. When lifting drums with a hoist then you will be using either a drum grab or drum clamps, dependent upon the type of drum that you are lifting.

Drum Clamps normally attach to the rim of the drum and can be used as single or in pairs dependent upon the clamp or also as part of a system with a built in chain sling.

Drum Grabs come in two forms those that just lift straight and those that lift and rotate the drum, some of these can also be combined and fitted onto a fork lift attachment and become dual purpose.

Probably the most commonly used piece of equipment for moving drums around the work area, particular on larger sites are grab fitted into or part of a fork lift attachment. The most popular of these are the grabs that pick and carry the drum, however we also have drum grabs that allow you to rotate and manipulate the drums as required even giving a tipping motion so that it allows you to dump the contents of the drum into the desired container.

Once you have the drum inside the workplace or you still have issues to move the drums to the final location. Drum handling equipment allows you to manoeuvre the drums easily within tight locations.

If you have any queries regarding the handling of drums, then please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team.