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Another Mobile Scissor Table Modification

Solving Handling problems is rapidly becoming a speciality for TRI Industrial Services; this is a similar problem to a previous issue solved for a different client.


Our client needed to lift and lower motors from below a large fan. Previously, the client had to lower off onto a load bearing scaffold then continue to lower the motors using a hoist to the floor. This, however, was not considered to be a suitably safe and secure method.


The TRI sales and design team suggested the solution of using a high specification Mobile Scissor Table to gain the required height and easy manoeuvrability of the motor at floor level.


But this would not be a complete solution:

To allow the motor to be safely raised and lowered, additional upright arms were needed, with locating pins that use the lifting eyes on the motor. TRI also added a tubular frame to keep the motor upright and secure.


Although the working area is outside, it is within an enclosed area with a kerb, which does not permit a forklift to access the area. This meant that a new lower sub frame had to be added to the Mobile Scissor Table to allow the fitting of much larger castors and forklift pockets allowing the table to be lifted externally by the forklift.


An added bonus of this design is that the new added arms and tubular frame are bolted to the top table of the Scissor Table, therefore, if the client wishes, it can be removed and the Mobile Scissor Table can be used a standard table.


All in all, another project completed by TRI Industrial Services Ltd, giving the client a simple to use, economic and versatile solution to their problem.

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