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Runway Beam Installation

Runway Beam Installation

When asked by a client how to remove a motor from an enclosed area, TRI had just the solution.

This, in theory, is just a standard runway system that interacts with a sister system, but that is not the whole story!

Part of the area was totally enclosed and steelwork could not be mounted to the floor and, within the outer area, steelwork had to be installed in such a way as to allow the door to open next to the conveyor.

The real difficulty of this job was in the installation of the beams and the support columns. As there was no room in the area to use a fork lift or powered access.

Using TRI’s specialist access and installation equipment, the installation went smoothly and was actually completed within 2 days on site, causing minimal disruption to production. We achieved this by thorough examination of the site by our site survey team and a great deal of preparation work prior to actually going on site.

Another problem solved by TRI!

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