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Mobile Scissor Table Installation

When appraoched by a client to solve a handling problem, TRI took our usual attitude of finding, where possible, a standard manufactured product to meet the application if it is possible, saving the client money and time.

Previously the client had adapted a basic platform with an extended shaft to lift the piece to the position required, but this was unstable and always had the problem that the piece might fall to the floor with the slightest movement.

With some research TRI found an appropriate Scissor Trolley that collapsed low enough to allow loading at floor level but extending high enough to be in position to allow the unit to be manipulated as required.

TRI then adapted the top table by welding the cruciform into position to allow a mans hand under the unit to work the bolts, this was welded to a piece of plate as the top of the platform wasn't thick enough to take the heat of welding, we then bolted to the platform.

By having a larger platform area, this made the unit more stable when elevated to 1900mm.

Another client problem solved by TRI by using our experienced product sourcing team and some lateral thinking!


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