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Low Height Mobile Gantry

03/02/2011 Show_low_height_gantry

Low Height Mobile Gantry

TRI Industrial Services Ltd designs and manufactures a low height mobile gantry for lifting pumps and motors combined low headroom trolley.

TRI were approached by our customer to solve an issue that was causing them many problems when changing pumps and motors within a basement. Previously, to perform a change, a forklift truck had to be lifted from above into the basement and then use a forklift attachment to lift the motor. This was a cumbersome operation and far from safe.

It was also not a simple task, as there was restricted headroom due to the overhead pipework.  TRI’s design team came up with a low height mobile gantry (less than 2m), with bespoke designed legs at each and one leg longer than the other to deal with an un-even floor, to be positioned over the required motor or pump, using a low headroom trolley hoist to lift and traverse the motor / pump into the small space. Then a pallet truck could move the motor / pump underneath the hatch and it could be hoisted out using a crane.

TRI’s sales / design team demonstrated again that problems can often be solved by making small design changes to existing, standard products.

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