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Angle Permanent Lifting Magnet

12/12/2013 Show_base_view

TRI Industrial Services Ltd was approached by a client to provide a solution for lifting pieces of angle slightly off the floor to allow slings to be placed under the load.

This, in principle, seems a simple procedure using a standard magnet. However, with every problem that TRI solves, there is a twist and something that makes it more difficult than it first appears.

On this occasion, the client had many different sizes of Angle and each size was stacked with multiple lengths of angle being stacked up to 10 pieces deep.

This caused two problems: firstly that the magnet had to accommodate as many different sizes of angle as possible to keep the cost down; secondly that the magnetism could not transfer through the first piece of plate to the second so only the first angle was picked up. Finally, we had to redesign the base of the magnet to accommodate the angle being lifting in both planes.

Working with one of our main partners, TRI has developed a permanent lifting magnet that accommodates the different sizes of angle, different planes and thicknesses to ensure that all the clients’ requirements have been met.

The pictures show the different style of the base.

Another problem solved by TRI Industrial Services Ltd and another happy client!.

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