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Nitchi 10T Low Headroom Combination Hoist

13/11/2013 Show_4_hoists

TRI Industrial Services Ltd has recently completed an order for a client for the supply of 4 x 10T Low Headroom Chain Blocks combined with Geared Travel Trolleys.

On a standard unit, the client would have less than 1mm to spare in the space that the blocks were to be situated, which was too large a risk to take when purchasing such high value items.

With this in mind, TRI spoke with one of our key partners - Nitchi and were offered the alternative of the Nitchi Low Headroom Trolley Hoist. This hoist saved headroom of over 75mm, giving a closed headroom of 710mm, combined with a Geared Trolley to allow a beam width of 305mm.

To further complicate the situation the Hoists were required within a shorter than standard delivery time; however, working with Nitchi, TRI was able to achieve it..

Please see below the photographs of the hoists and, if you would like further information on these or any other type of Low Headroom Hoist, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the TRI sales team.

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