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Mobile Scissor Table

03/03/2012 Show_caster_5_scissor_modification

A client approached TRI to solve a handling problem to replace a makeshift solution that they had of using an adapted basic platform with an extended shaft, which was unstable and might, quite possibly, drop the load it was carrying.

Our approach is always to save money and time for the client, and so we investigate standard solutions first before looking at bespoke solutions.

After some research, the TRI team found an appropriate scissor table that would collapse to allow loading from floor level, but would extend high enough and was able to be manipulated into position to move the load safely.

From this basic product, TRI adapted the top table by welding the cruciform into position. A piece of larger plate steel was then bolted through the top table as it was not large enough or thick enough to take the heat of welding, which was needed for this particular clients’ applications.

Yet another problem solved by TRI’s experienced product sourcing team and some lateral thinking!


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