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Mobile Hydraulic Test Rig

05/08/2013 Show_hydraulic_test_bed_in_use

Speaking with a range of customers, TRI discovered that they required a new way of testing all of their Hydraulic Lifting equipment. Sending their equipment away was costly and time consuming, as well as rendering the equipment unavailable for a period of time, and the clients much preferred the idea of having TRI undertake the testing on site at their location

As TRI’s motto is ‘TRI try harder’, we always listen to our clients, and we decided to manufacture a Mobile Hydraulic Test Rig to facilitate this requirement.

The Test Rig contains a 150t compressive load cell for testing of Jacks, Cylinders and Pumps and for Cylinders the Rig can actually test up to 200 tonnes!

Included in the Rig are multiple plates to enable testing of various height cylinders or jacks so TRI can facilitate most testing requirements.

To complement this new Test Rig, TRI also provides a fast and efficient turnaround period for the repair of any equipment found to be faulty.

So, if you have a range of Hydraulic Equipment that requires testing, please do not hesitate to contact the TRI sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

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